John Ritter’s Father Did Not Respect His Career Until He Took One Role


John Ritter once revealed that his father, country singer Tex Ritter, did not approve of his acting career at first. Tex was very proud of his other son who became a lawyer. Even though Tex acted himself, he didn’t want his son John to follow in his footsteps.

However, when John booked a gig on The Waltons, his father changed his tune. Tex loved that John played a preacher on the wholesome show The Waltons. Before Tex died, the two had a very good talk.


John Ritter’s father Tex Ritter did not approve of his acting career for a long time

DOWN THE WYOMING TRAIL, Tex Ritter, 1939 / Everett Collection

John once said, “Before he died, I did tell him I can’t really do anything else but act.” Before he passed away, Tex said he respected John’s role in The Waltons. When John had children, he wanted to be a bit softer than his father was to him.


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THE WALTONS, Will Geer, John Ritter (1973-1976), 1972-81. (c)Lorimar Television/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

Things worked out and John’s son Jason is now an actor just like his late father! Unfortunately, John died suddenly in 2003. He will forever be remembered by his many roles on shows including Three’s Company, Eight Simple Rules, Hooperman, and more. Did you know that John Ritter’s father was an actor too?

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