Melinda Dillon, ‘A Christmas Story,’ ‘Close Encounters’ star, dead at 83

    Melinda Dillon, award winning actress who played Ralphie’s high-strung mother in “A Christmas Story,” and starred in “Close…

4 months ago

‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ Cast Then And Now 2022

UPDATED 4/12/2022 It was just an old neglected car, who could have guessed? Well, the two children actually did. What…

1 year ago

Riding in back of Station Wagon?

Remember the days of riding in the back of your parent's station wagon?

2 years ago

Kentucky Fried Movie?

If you aren't offended easily, go back and watch "Kentucky Fried Movie" from 1977. It was hilarious!  Do you remember?

2 years ago

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand?

Did you watch Dick Clark's American Bandstand? What do you remember?

2 years ago

Eat at the Table?

Did you and your family eat at the dinner table all at once?  What do you remember?

2 years ago