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Technology From The 1970s Energy Crisis Is Returning To American Households

The 1970s were marked by periods of instability that led to an energy crisis that impacted Americans from all walks…

2 months ago

Elvis Presley Returns To The Stage On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Thanks To Technology

Elvis Presley returned to the stage this week! During the finale of America's Got Talent, the group Metaphysic wowed the…

3 months ago

More On The AI Technology Used For Val Kilmer’s Voice In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Tom Cruise was very adamant that if they did another Top Gun film, Val Kilmer would have to appear in…

6 months ago

New AR Technology Is Bringing Life To Your Old Loved Ones Photos

What if you were told that a photo of your great grandfather from the early 1900s could come alive right…

2 years ago

8-Track Technology Was Way Ahead Of Its Time- And Rocked!

April 11th - Hooray For National Eight-Track Tape Day!

6 years ago

Sunny Hostin Takes Joy Behar’s Phone After ‘The View’ Interruption

It's easy to be more plugged in than ever, with phones acting as pocket-sized computers. Sometimes, a person can be…

3 hours ago

‘Exorcist’ Star Linda Blair Once Admitted She Actually Hates Horror Movies

Linda Blair recently opened up about her time working on the popular horror film The Exorcist. She is best known…

2 days ago

Tom Cruise Got To Film A Scene For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ That He Always Wanted To Do

This has truly been the year of highly-anticipated sequels. Top Gun: Maverick premiered this summer, many decades since the original.…

4 weeks ago

John Travolta Leads Us On An Exclusive Tour Of The Boeing’s 737 Business Jet

In addition to being an actor, John Travolta is also a licensed pilot and aviation enthusiast — which makes him the…

4 weeks ago

The Rain Bonnet Is Making A Fashionable Comeback From A Surprising Source

Some trends, either naturally or induced by bigger changes, make a lasting comeback. Rollerblading, shag hairstyles, wallpaper, vinyls, and the…

1 month ago

Walmart CEO Says Stores Will Not Be Open On Thanksgiving Day Anymore

The Covid-19 pandemic brought many changes to our society and way of life. Also, the business sector wasn't spared, as…

1 month ago

WATCH: Two Kids Make Their Own Metallica Video In 1989

Kids do a lot of things for fun during childhood. At this stage, they want to derive pleasure and joy…

1 month ago