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12 Facts About Shirley Temple That Show Her Resilience In A Tragic Life

Fame came to actress Shirley Temple with the 1935 movie The Little Colonel, even though she started her career in…

3 days ago

Even When She Died At 85, Shirley Temple Was Known As The Little Girl Who Saved America

UPDATED 1/23/2022 From the perspective of 2022 it seems pretty hard to believe that nearly a century ago there was…

2 months ago

Google Doodle Honors Shirley Temple As Child Star And Diplomat

On June 8, Google Doodle featured graphics dedicated to Shirley Temple, child icon of the 1930s. Though Temple was born…

11 months ago

Melissa Joan Hart Slammed For Post Showing Bill Robinson’s Interracial Dance With Shirley Temple

Melissa Joan Hart is facing some backlash after an Instagram post amid the Black Lives Matter movement. The post showed…

2 years ago

6-Year-Old Harshly Critiques Shirley Temple Drinks And Shares Reviews Online

6-year-old Leo Kelly calls himself the Shirley Temple King. He has been ordering the classic non-alcoholic drink since he was…

2 years ago

Looking Back On Shirley Temple And Her Sergeant Husband

It's no surprise that the wedding of Shirley Temple and her Sergeant Husband was huge news! Shirley was a fixture…

3 years ago

There Was A Rumor That Shirley Temple Wasn’t A Child Actor, But Was Actually A Dwarf

Do you remember Shirley Temple? She was a big Hollywood star in the 1930s. You probably remember her for her…

3 years ago

Shirley Temple’s Famous Blue Diamond Auctioned For $22,000,000 And Didn’t Sell!

Press Play Below For Full Story (Video Length 44s) Story Summary: Earlier this year, a 9.54-carat rare blue diamond ring…

5 years ago

A Toast to Shirley Temple: Drinks Named After Celebs

From Arnold Palmer to Freddie Bartholomew, we have an ice-cold rundown that’s sure to quench your thirst.

6 years ago

Agnes Moorehead And Her Love/Hate Relationship With Endora And ‘Bewitched’

When actress Agnes Moorehead signed on to play witch Endora, mother to Samantha Stephens and mother-in-law to Darrin on the…

3 weeks ago

Eve Plumb From ‘The Brady Bunch’ Battles Childhood Stigma, Sports A Mean Mug At 63

This is the story of the middle Brady who managed to stand out among some very lovely girls. Eve Plumb…

1 month ago

‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Star Annette Funicello Had Joy And Strength Right Up To Her Death At 70

UPDATED 4/2/2022 There was something special about Annette Funicello that allowed her to capture our hearts, whether she was a…

2 months ago