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Linda McCullough From ‘B. J. And The Bear’ Is Now 67 And A Painter And Photographer

Near the end of season two and into season three, viewers of B. J. and the Bear met Callie, a…

3 weeks ago

Photographer Claims Princess Diana Blushed While Dancing With Neil Diamond

Some of the most iconic photographs of Princess Diana were taken during her visit to the White House in 1985.…

9 months ago

Couple Pays $800 To Wedding Photographer, Yet Mother’s Iphone Took Better Quality Photos

A pair of newlyweds are experiencing the worst, as the professional photos they paid $800 for came back as dark,…

2 years ago

View Adorable Photos Of Animals Getting Up Close With Wildlife Photographers

A thread has recently made it's way onto Twitter with probably the cutest photos you'll ever see on the Internet.…

3 years ago

Photographer Spots Mama Duck With Her Ducklings, Then He Realizes She Has 76 Little Ones

This Common Mersanger mama wins mother of the year hands down for taking care of her 76 baby ducklings all…

3 years ago

Steve Irwin’s Son Is An Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer And These Photos Show Why

Late Steve Irvin has dedicated his life to educating people about nature and showing us the breathtaking side of it.…

4 years ago

This Photographer Shoots Pictures Of Animal Brothers From Other Mothers And It’s Too Cute!

It’s the things that unite us that matter, that should matter. Not the things that divide us.

4 years ago

Lufthansa Hires The Photographer Of Windows XP Wallpaper To Take New Pictures, And He Proves Himself Once Again

The photograph of California’s hills in luscious and rainy January named “Bliss” is claimed to be the most famous picture…

4 years ago

‘These Kids Are Superheroes’: Photographer Turns Disabled Children Into the ‘Justice League’

Josh Rossi may seem like a regular dad, but he's got superhuman skills when it comes to creating larger-than-life pictures. In…

4 years ago

Photographer Shot The Same People On Their Way To Work Over 9 Years Showing How Repetitive A Commute Can Be

We all have our little morning rituals, whether on the train, at the coffee shop, or while walking into the…

5 years ago

‘Leave It to Beaver’ Star Tony Dow Discusses Battle With Depression After Series Ended

From 1957 to 1963, Tony Dow was known to Americans everywhere as Wally Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver. While…

3 days ago