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A Young Fan Mistook John Wayne For Steve McQueen—This Was His Response

John Wayne, the actor a whole generation saw on the screens throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s hired four secretaries…

2 months ago

The Feud Between Elvis Presley And Steve McQueen Was Over A Shared Girlfriend

A beautiful Hollywood actress caused the feud between Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen; the two stars knew they were dating…

2 months ago

Hollywood’s Star, Steve McQueen: His Faith And How It Impacted His Battle With Cancer

Sometimes known as the ‘King of Cool”, the American actor Steve McQueen, interestingly found Christianity a few months before he…

2 months ago

The Story Behind Why Steve McQueen Turned Down Acting With Paul Newman

Everyone remembers that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid starred Paul Newman and Robert Redford, but Steve McQueen was actually…

6 months ago

Teaching Steve McQueen Martial Arts Got Chuck Norris Into Acting

Life is a combination of determination, timing, networking, creativity...self-determination and stars aligning. It was no different for black belt Chuck…

10 months ago

New Book Tells All On Steve McQueen Becoming A Born-Again Christian Just Months Shy Of His Death

Steve McQueen, who died back in 1980, is being remembered in a new book commemorating the 40th anniversary of his…

2 years ago

DoYouRemember’s Favorite Steve McQueen Movie Roles

March 24, 1930 - November 7, 1980

5 years ago

George Segal From ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Caused Mischief In A New Comedy Before Dying At 87

Very little of the plot of Look Who's Talking could have happened without Albert. Unfortunately for Mollie, his actions were…

3 days ago

The Cast Of ‘Look Who’s Talking’ Then And Now 2022

Would you Look Who’s Talking? But talking about what? A '90s film you’re sure to recognize because of who exactly…

1 week ago

Ali MacGraw, Now 83, Made Her Mark In ‘Love Story’ And Later Became A Narrator And Activist

Actress Ali MacGraw, born Elizabeth Alice MacGraw, is now 83 years old. Her breakout role was in the 1969 film…

1 month ago

The Cast Of ‘The Love Boat’ Then And Now 2022

UPDATED 5/26/2022 Welcome aboard The Love Boat! This truly escapist 70s television series was centered around a luxury passenger cruise…

1 month ago

Celebrating 80 Years Of The Beautiful And Talented Ann-Margret

UPDATED 5/5/2022 Ann-Margret is a Sweden-born actress whose career has flourished since 1961. We've seen her in a number of…

2 months ago