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Things U.S. Presidents Did After They Left The White House

When a President is the President, their life is under a microscope. You may see what a former President is…

4 years ago

The Top 5 Presidents With The Highest IQ Scores Ever

Being the President of the United States comes with a lot of challenges. So, naturally, you have to be smart!…

5 years ago

9 Of The Most Fascinating Secret Service Code Names For U.S. Presidents

Did you know that the Secret Service gives code names to the President of the United States and their families?…

5 years ago

Presidents’ Daughters, Then And Now, After The White House

Many United States presidents have been fathers of daughters during their terms in the White House. Some of the presidents'…

5 years ago

How Presidents Met Their First Ladies: 10 True Love Stories To Make You Say ‘Awww’

We often think of presidents and First Ladies as stodgy old men and women. But they too were once young,…

5 years ago

U.S. Presidents Who Were Surprisingly Handsome When They Were Young

Most of us are familiar with the faces of those who have held the office of President of the United…

5 years ago

21 Recognizable People Who Might Make Good Presidents

Since all eyes are set on the political scene these days, we can’t help but imagine a parallel universe where…

6 years ago

The Robot Presidents Who Rule Disney World

The Strange 60-year History Behind Disney World's Hall of Presidents

6 years ago

The Fall of TV Talk Show Host Wendy Williams

The great purple throne of Wendy Williams is vacant, and the "queen" is nowhere to be found. The story of…

6 months ago

At 72, Elaine Bromka From ‘Uncle Buck’ Writes About First Ladies

Released in 1989, Uncle Buck promised plenty of mishaps from the well-meaning but bumbling titular uncle, played by John Candy,…

7 months ago

Country Star Toby Keith Announces Stomach Cancer Diagnosis

Country music star Toby Keith has announced that he has tragically been diagnosed with stomach cancer. According to CNN, he…

8 months ago

A Former President Drops His Pants At Disney World

There are so many different rides and attractions at Walt Disney World. In between waiting for the bigger attractions to…

10 months ago