Lou Ferrigno Slams People Who Use Their Phone At The Gym And Hog The Equipment

lou ferrigno slams people who use phones at the gym
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There is nothing worse than when people break out their phone at the gym and hog the equipment or machines. It’s bad enough you already have to wait to use it. Now, you have to wait even longer because this guy just needs to text his buddy or this girl needs to send a photo to her friend. Hulk star Lou Ferrigno is a hardcore believer in not doing any of that!

The 67-year-old grew up in a time where cell phones didn’t exist, so when you went to the gym, you weren’t distracted. Ferrigno talks about his frustrations about these phone-obsessed gym-goers on social media.


See what he has to say about being on your phone at the gym

“Anyone else get as frustrated as I do about people not taking the gym seriously?” Ferrigno writes on his Instagram post. In the video, he talks about how he shows up at the gym and he sees someone sitting on a gym bench while on his phone. Ferrigno asks him if he’s using the machine, and the man responds that he will be done in ten minutes, while still on his phone.

“My suggestion to you is to say to him say, listen, I don’t mean to be rude, I’m here to train, but if you don’t want to workout don’t waste your time at the gym,” Ferrigno advises to others who have to deal with this as well.


Ferrigno also advises not to let these people discourage you. He says to just find another machine to workout with and complain to the manager of the gym. I, personally, really get this. There’s nothing more annoying than planning to use a machine, but someone’s too busy taking photos of themselves working out or scrolling social media.

Many people who visit the gym on a regular basis likely have a routine. They have an agenda of workouts they plan to do, and it’s just proper gym etiquette to keep the line moving.

Woman texting while using gym equipment
Woman texting while using gym equipment / iStock

Fans of Ferrigno have been agreeing with him since the video went live. “PREACH! I hate that and people that leave all the plates on the equipment instead of putting them back and/or dumbells left all over the place,” one person says.

Another person says, “Home gym for me, Lou…But I completely understand the comradeship at gyms…but when I’m home I crank up the rock and roll and get to it.”

Man using his phone at the gym
Man using his phone at the gym / iStock

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