‘The Voice’ And ‘AGT’ Singer Dakota Striplin Claims He’s Elvis Presley’s Grandson

dakota striplin claims he is elvis presley's grandson

A contestant on The Voice Australia and formerly of America’s Got Talent is now claiming to be the grandson of Elvis Presley. People on the Internet aren’t too happy about this! The singer who goes by Dakota Striplin casually explains on The Voice Australia that he truly believes he is the grandson of the late King of Rock and Roll.

Striplin explains that his late grandmother was close to Elvis. She allegedly was spending a lot of time with him right around the time she gave birth to Striplin’s father. His grandfather was apparently away for most of this time and he thinks this explains a lot. He says he also thinks this is why his father also stood out from the rest of his siblings.


Striplin’s explanation on why he could be Elvis’s grandson

Dakota Striplin
Dakota Striplin / YouTube

“Mum started looking at dates and associations and stuff,” Striplin explains. “And she saw that it could be a possibility because my grandma used to work for Elvis and apparently had met him and knew him.”

Striplin even shares that his father took a DNA test and was not directly related to any of his other siblings. He also notes that his grandmother used to take trips to Hawaii, which was later revealed to be Elvis’s favorite getaway spot. Imagine the possibility of Elvis being your grandfather!


Striplin also reveals that his family has never been successful in contacting the Elvis Presley estate. “My mum tried to email [Elvis’ Estate], and been like, ‘we are just trying to figure this stuff out,'” he says. He says that he is not doing this for publicity or to get attention. Striplin says he just wants to figure out the truth for “his family’s sake.”

However, this has caused a social media uproar and a lot of Elvis fans aren’t too happy about it.

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Hey y’all, just wanted write a little post about The Voice and my story on the show. There are a lot of news articles and stuff going around with some attention grabbing headlines 😂 It’s always been a funny joke thing in my family that my Dad and I look like Elvis and when he got his DNA test back and found out his was different, it was a cool thought that being related to Elvis was more possible than we thought. That, along with little connections that I’ve been told by family made it a bit of a fun theory. TV shows are TV shows. I don’t want to create any drama and I’m not trying to claim anything. I love music so much. I love Elvis and have always been a huge fan and don’t want to offend anyone ❤️ I’m so grateful that so many of you here on Instagram have messaged me or commented on my voice and your connection to my performance, I really appreciate that 😊. I just want to spread love and inspire with music. Let’s look forward to the journey ahead fam. ✋🏼 High Five me in the comments if you made it to the end 😅 Can’t wait to share more music with you guys ❤️ #thevoiceau #teamkelly

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“I can’t believe that he has gone on The Voice saying that he is Elvis Presley Grandson [what the f—],” one fan says. Another says, “Is some d—bag on #TheVoiceAU claiming he might be Elvis Presley’s grandson. That’s highly offensive to his biologically proven family. Just for his moment in the spotlight.”

Elvis’s estate has yet to release a statement on the matter. Elvis does have a confirmed grandson from his marriage to Priscilla Presley.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Elvis and Priscilla Presley / Giphy

Do you believe Striplin might be Elvis’s grandson? Check out the full statement from Striplin below.

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