Which Fast Food Burger Is Really The Best? Survey Says


Recently, we shared an article on which fast food restaurant had the best French fries. Naturally, we would like to follow up and tell you who has the best burgers! Irene Jiang from Business Insider conducted both of these delicious studies. She decided to compare signature burgers from McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys, Wendy’s, and Shake Shack.

Irene tested the burgers on several factors including visual appeal, meat quality, juiciness, and taste. She found positives and negatives in each one, but one, in particular, stood out the most. Can you guess which fast food place had the best burgers ever?


Learn more about how she judged the burgers

Irene decided to order signature burgers with the default toppings from each restaurant. However, she said she did add cheese to Burger King’s Whopper because all of the other burgers came with cheese. It would only be fair!


She started with Wendy’s and chose Dave’s Single. Irene said the burger looked kind of flat and she didn’t see a tomato, pickle or ketchup until she bit into it. She did like the onions and shiny bun, visually, but admitted that it didn’t taste fresh, as Wendy’s slogan states. The cheese and onion flavors stood out. The meat didn’t seem juicy at all, so perhaps it was a little bit overcooked.

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Next, she headed to McDonald’s to try their Big Mac. She thought the bun looked visually appealing, but that was about it. The meat was not juicy and seemed burnt. Irene even said it tasted more like chicken than beef… gross! It also tasted too sweet, likely from the buns but she loved McDonald’s special sauce. Again, this burger failed the squeeze test and was overcooked.

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Then she headed over to Burger King to try the Whopper with cheese. Overall, she liked the looks of it but the lettuce and cheese looked a little plasticky. Again, the meat was too dry and didn’t have much flavor. In fact, she said it was the blandest of all of the burgers.

With the Whopper, the toppings stood out to her, but the meat and cheese failed… no juiciness. Next up was Shake Shack and admittedly Irene’s favorite before this study, so she might have been a little biased.

It was messy but overall looked really great. She found that the burger was the best of all of the burgers because it was the only one that was cooked medium rare. It was the first burger on this list to pass the juiciness test! Her only downside? She would have liked onions and the toppings tasted a little bland compared to the burger and cheese.

Lastly, she headed to Five Guys to pick up their classic cheeseburger. This one was also good looking, but messy. It too passed the juiciness test and had a delicious burger patty, but could have used a little more salt.


Find out which one was the winner

Irene said she enjoyed all of them, and all of the burgers had strengths and weaknesses. However, she said that Five Guys was the clear winner! Shake Shack took second place. What do you think? Have you tried cheeseburgers at all of these fast food restaurants? Which one is your favorite?

If you missed Irene’s taste test with French fries, find out which fast food place came out on top for their fries!

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