Howard Stern Shares That His Biggest Regret Was Interview With Robin Williams

Howard Stern opens up about his regrets including interview with Robin Williams
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Howard Stern is known for his shock value and the fact that he will pretty much ask anyone, anything. However, Howard says that he regrets a lot of his past and aims to be a better interviewer these days. In fact, he suggests that you “burn his old books and don’t listen to his old interviews.”

He calls his biggest interview regret the time he got to sit down with the late Robin Williams. Unfortunately, Robin committed suicide in 2014. His wife says his suicide was due to his struggle with Lewy body disease, not depression.


Howard Stern regrets many interviews of his past

robin williams
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Howard recalls many cringe-worthy interviews in his past, but he regrets that he never got to apologize to Robin. He said his biggest regret was his interview with Robin because he kept asking him about leaving his wife for his son’s ex-nanny.


20 years later, Howard finally worked up the nerve to ask for Robin’s current number and call to apologize. Unfortunately, Robin died the day after Howard tried to get his number. This must have been a powerful lesson for Howard to learn, albeit a very difficult one. He reportedly made amends with several other celebrities.

Howard has been working on changing for the past few decades


Howard began seeing a therapist in the late ’90s and said it has helped him tremendously. He is still known for being pretty outrageous, but he says that he is changing for the better. His new book shares more about his past struggles and regrets.

According to Page Six, Howard said, “If anything, I’m addicted to people. And what I mean by that is I’m addicted to the spotlight. I’m addicted to getting attention from people. And a lot of those things come from being very starved in a way. I’m actually surprised I’m not obese — because I need to fill myself — but I’m filling myself with people.”

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He continues, “There’s no difference between a drug addict, an alcoholic or gambling [addict], or people addict. I tried to get the audience’s attention in so many ways that it’s a struggle. I mean, what are you really looking for with all of that? Sure, you want to be an entertainer, but there can be room for other people on the dial. There’s got to be some balance in your life.”

What do you think about Howard Stern? Most people either love him or hate him. Have you heard that infamous interview he had with Robin Williams? That story is so sad.

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