PAM Encourages You To Throw Away Their Old Damaged Cooking Sprays Now


If you have any old PAM cooking sprays in your kitchen, you will want to throw them out immediately. People are reportedly suing Conagra (the company that makes PAM cooking sprays) after the cans exploded unexpectedly and caused some major injuries.

Some of the injuries being reported are burns and one person was even blinded in one eye. In the shocking video below, you’ll see a whole kitchen in flames from an exploding can. So, what is actually happening that is causing such horrible injuries from exploding cans? Conagra has been pretty vague about the whole thing, saying that you shouldn’t keep cans near any heat sources, like your oven.


Conagra is claiming the cans are safe if “used properly”

PAM cooking sprays / Flickr

The company also said that when it is used correctly, it is safe and effective. Lawyers in the cases say that old cans are the issue.


According to USA Today, “faulty cans were designed and manufactured so that when the can buckled and the u-shaped vents on the bottom of the canister opened, the internal contents of the canister would escape through the vents and the pressure inside the can would be reduced.”

Here are the cans you need to throw away

PAM cooking spray ingredients / Flickr

The cans in question are 10 ounces or larger and sold mainly at wholesale retail chains. These types of cans are hopefully no longer in production, so throw away any old cans that you may have, especially if they have been near your oven or another heat source. If you aren’t sure when you last bought the can, just throw it out.

Assorted PAM cooking sprays / Flickr

This is also a reminder to keep all aerosol cans stored away from heat sources. This means you shouldn’t keep your aerosol cans above or adjacent to your stove and oven. Untempered glass should be kept away as well.

Even being near heat source can cause these items to crack or explode, which can result in some pretty nasty injuries. 

Oven / Wikimedia Commons

Do you have any old PAM cans in your kitchen? Did you realize that you had it store it so far away from your oven and stove? Have you heard of any of these types of cans exploding?

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Watch the video below to learn more about this ongoing story and see a scary video of what could happen:

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