Police Are Urging Senior Citizens To Keep Car Keys By Their Side At Night

keep car keys by your side at night

This doesn’t only apply to senior citizens either. Everyone from your spouse to your neighbors, to your children (who are of age to drive) can benefit from this safety method. Police say that having your car keys by your bedside is one of the safest techniques you can utilize.

One scenario is if you have a heart attack or fall… if you have your car keys on you, you can activate the car alarm for help. This can be helpful even if you aren’t asleep and are just out and about. This is especially helpful if someone is ever attempting to burglarize your home.


Pressing a car alarm on car key
Pressing a car alarm on car key / Witthaya lOvE / Shutterstock

Just touching on what was previously mentioned, if you are inside your home and hear a suspicious noise or possible intruder outside your home, simply press the alarm on your car key. The alarm will go off and will not stop until the battery runs out or you turn it off manually.

This tip came from a local neighborhood watch police coordinator. This method is highly-recognize as a life-saving tip due to the fact you don’t need to fumble around with it or worry about dialing a number, especially in the middle of the night. Just reach over and press that button!


Burglar breaking into home
Burglar breaking into home / 4SightSecurity

Chances are when/if you ever find yourself in this situation and utilize this method, the burglar won’t be sticking around. All your neighbors will be looking out their windows to see what’s going on and the burglar won’t want to be caught.

According to Independent, a security expert confirmed that a burglar can break into a home in just nine seconds flat, whether there’s a home alarm installed or not. To keep yourself safe, it’s also important to utilize safety precautions such as sturdy robust doors, high-specification locks, laminated glass, and strong fastenings on windows.

Home security system
Home security system / SafeWise

The Allen Police Department has presented an exclusive interview on how to get inside the mind of a burglar/thief. They interview real-life burglar, Michael Durden, and pick his brain about these criminals look for when deciding what home to burglarize next. Durden is currently facing 20 to 30 years behind bars for several years of burglary.

Remember to stay safe, everyone, and utilize every safety method you can!

Inside the Mind of a Thief interview
Inside the Mind of a Thief interview / YouTube

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