Olivia Newton-John Says Battling Cancer Three Times Has Changed Her Perception Of Death

olivia newton-john perception on death

Just this past January, Olivia Newton-John was forced to address some rumors that were circulating about her health. Tabloid outlets were reporting that Newton-John was basically on her death bed and not doing well. She followed up to that news with a video announcing that she is in good spirits and fine health. She looked awesome!

She spoke to The Herald Sun this past weekend, and we found out from the Grease star that battling cancer a total of three times has changed her perception of death. She says it’s made her a lot more appreciative and grateful for the life that she’s lived and still has. She treats every day as a gift.


Olivia Newton-John
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“When you have a cancer diagnosis it changes things. We all know we’re going to die one day. We don’t like to think about it, but one day we all will,” Newton-John said to the news outlet. “When you have a cancer diagnosis it just makes it more obvious that it could happen and it makes you much more aware of the present and that every day is a gift and that’s how I live.

She has also confirmed that she has no plans to return to work. She originally left work back in September due to a fractured sacrum.


Olivia Newton-John with John Travolta in Grease
Olivia Newton-John with John Travolta in Grease / Paramount Pictures

In the meantime, Newton-John is using her spare time for healing, meditation, and raising funds for her Cancer and Wellness Centre. She has been open about her use of cannabis for healing and says it’s working as it should be!

“I am doing great! I want to wish you all the happiest and healthiest 2019 that is possible. Thank you all for your incredible love and support,” she said in the video addressing the health rumors in the beginning of this year.

Newton-John first battled cancer in 1982 and underwent a partial mastectomy in addition to reconstruction surgery. She then was diagnosed a second time in 2013 and a third in 2018. Doctors believed her back pain was due to sciatica, but doctors later confirmed that the breast cancer had metastasized to her sacrum as a tumor was found at the base of her spine.

Newton-John has also lost her sister, Rona Newton-John, to brain cancer, the same year she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in 2013.

olivia newton-john and husband
Olivia Newton-John and husband, John Easterling / Denise Truscello

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Check out the video below of Olivia Newton-John addressing her death rumors:

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