Do You Remember What McDonald’s Looked Like When It First Opened?

Take a Peek into a Vintage McDonald’s!

First McDonalds locations

The very first version of McDonald’s opened up in 1948 in San Bernardino, California. In 1955, another McDonald’s opened up that became one of many in the franchise. Now there are over 36,000 McDonald’s in the world! Do you remember when the first McDonald’s opened up near you? Or have you never seen the photos of the very first fast food McDonald’s restaurants?

McDonald’s was started by brothers Dick and Mac. A salesman named Ray Kroc helped them to start McDonald’s as a franchise. The first menu included hamburgers, soft drinks, French fries, milk, pie, coffee, and milkshakes. All of these are still staples at McDonald’s today!


Take a look at photos of this Vintage McDonald’s!

first mcdonalds
First McDonald’s restaurant / Wikipedia

The buildings were designed with a “Speedee Service System”, which was basically the first drive-thru. However, you would walk up the windows and order and get your food very quickly. The first McDonald’s were actually red and white, not red and yellow like they are today.

Can you imagine McDonald’s without their signature yellow arches?


Vintage McDonald’s uniforms / Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

The uniforms and menus looked very different back in the day too. Do you remember those old uniforms and hats? Have you ever seen a paper menu like the one below? Now, some McDonald’s locations are even updating their electronic menus in the drive-thru to change based on things like the weather. How cool is that?

mcdonalds menu
Vintage McDonald’s menu / Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

Some of the first McDonald’s restaurants also had that amazing play place outside! Do you remember playing on one of these playgrounds at McDonald’s? They probably weren’t very safe, but they were so fun! Many McDonald’s locations back then had play places inside, but many of the restaurants are getting rid of those these days.

I definitely remember playing in the play places when I was a kid.

mcdonalds site
The first McDonald’s site / Flickr

Do you remember going to McDonald’s back in the ’50s and ’60s? Isn’t it nice to remember the good ‘ole days? We love looking back and seeing the differences of our favorite restaurants from when they first opened to how they are now.

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Check out a video about the oldest operating McDonald’s restaurant in the world. Have you been to the very first McDonald’s? It now operates as a museum for the brand:

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