Dolly Parton’s Home In The ’80s Is Up For Sale

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Dolly Parton‘s former Nashville home is up for sale! She previously lived there with her husband Carl Dean from 1980 to 1996. It appears that the current owners are using it as a museum of sorts and an Airbnb listing. There have been no reports on why it is going up for sale yet again.

The home has been listed many times over the years since Dolly and her husband sold the property. The highest that it was ever listed at was almost $1 million. The home itself is large at 5,000 square feet. It has four bedrooms and three baths. Looking through the photos, it looks pretty unique and we can definitely picture Dolly getting ready in that huge bathroom! It also has a pretty large master bedroom.


There are several buildings in the property

master bathroom
Master bathroom / Zillow

There is a main house and a shed that Dolly and Carl built for their nieces and nephews to play in. The main house was built in 1941 and is 3,200 square feet. The current owners, whoever they might be, built a 1,500 square feet guest house. They say that it is perfect for wedding receptions and other large parties. Perhaps whoever buys the home now can turn it into a Dolly-themed party location! 

Wooded backyard / Zillow

The backyard looks very cozy and relaxing. It is 2.4 acres and has lots of trees. Unfortunately, it looks like there is no garage, but a carport was put in. Either way, it looks like you would have lots of space if you moved in.


No word on what the home is listed at yet

master bedroom
Master bedroom/ Zillow

Memorabilia and music history company Rockology, LLC is reportedly handling the sale, but no price has been listed. Zillow does not list the home for sale yet, so we may just have to wait to find out what the house is listed at! The current Zestimate for the home is $492,098, but we bet someone would pay more just because Dolly lived there. We will update you when we find out the current listing price or selling price!

Check out more incredible photos

Other building on property / Zillow


Kitchen / Zillow


living room
Living room / Zillow

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Check out a video tour of the home below:

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