200 Bikers Fulfill Dying Man’s Wish Of Hearing Harleys Roar One Last Time

bikers fulfill dying man's wish

A man named Jon Stanley was diagnosed with terminal lung and brain cancer. That’s when his brother-in-law, Michael Smith, got in touch with a local biker named David Thompson to do something special for the dying man.

“I was contacted this morning about 6:30 this morning by Mike Smith through Facebook – and he informed me about Jon, you know he’s terminal, and he’s not looking really good, and one of his wishes was to hear a bunch of motorcycles out his window,” says Thompson. He posted the entire experience on Facebook!


jon stanley
Jon Stanley / David Thompson Facebook

“Sometimes a dying person’s last wish is just to hear the sound of a Harley in their window,” Thompson said on Facebook, “This is Jon Stanley, he has terminal cancer. I personally met with his family this morning and learned Jon is a vet and was an abate member who has rode for years. This is his new Harley he just got and only rode 3 times! I know this is short notice but bikers take care of bikers!”

He scheduled a meet-up with a total of 200 bikers who would rev up their bikes and show some love and appreciation for their fellow biker!


Bikers outside Jon Stanley's home
Bikers outside Jon Stanley’s home / David Thompson

This experience took place on June 12th, 2017. Stanley’s family took him outside and placed him in a sidecar, so that he could both hear, see, and feel the bike’s and their vibrations. “You could tell he enjoyed the feeling of that one last rumble. He was holding on,” said Thompson.

Just a few hours after this incredible dream was fulfilled, Stanley passed away in his wife’s arms.

jon stanley on his bike
Jon Stanley on his bike / Courtesy Photo

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Don’t forget to check out the full video below of the 200 bikers paying their respects and revving up their bikes for Jon Stanley:

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