Goldie Hawn Celebrates Daughter Kate Hudson’s Birthday With A Nostalgic Photo


Kate Hudson recently turned 40 years old. On her birthday, her mother Goldie Hawn shared a nostalgic photo on Instagram of the two of them from many years ago. It shows just how close the mother-daughter duo really are and gives us a glimpse of the past!

In the old photograph, Goldie and young Kate are snuggled up in a chair and appear to be on the beach. Kate is pointing to the sky and they look like they are enjoying a sweet mother-daughter moment. It looks like such a tender moment caught on film, many years ago.


Check out the sweet photo

Goldie captioned the photo, “Twinkle twinkle little star/I wish I wonder who you are/Bring to me a little girl so I can mother a precious pearl/That will bring more love into my world/Thank you for my Katie girl! Happy birthday darling Xx,” with two heart emojis.


The pair seem to have a really great relationship and often work and have fun together. Kate has said that she tells her mother everything and they are best friends. Goldie was even there in the room for the birth of Kate’s latest child, a girl named Rani Rose.

See what photo Kate posted on her birthday

Kate posted a photo on her birthday as well, sharing an adorable photo of herself with her three kids. She has two sons named Bingham and Ryder and of course, little Rani.

Rani Rose was born in October and we love all of the photos she shares! She even shared one of Goldie and her partner Kurt Russell holding the newborn.

She captioned the photo on her birthday, “My wishes came true. Thank you for all the love today. #ThisIs40,” with heart and prayer hand emojis. It looks like the kids all get along very well… what a sweet photo.

What do you think about the nostalgic photo that Goldie shared in honor of Kate’s birthday? Kate is 40 and Goldie is in her 70s… both of them certainly look ageless.

We wish Kate a very happy birthday and love to see the relationship that Goldie and Kate have! If you enjoy seeing photos of Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson, please SHARE this article with another fan!

WATCH the video below of Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn on The Ellen Show revealing answers to some burning questions. Goldie is hilarious… you can’t miss her answers to these questions!

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