‘The Young And The Restless’ Posts Emotional Sneak Peek Mourning The Loss Of Kristoff St. John


About three months after Kristoff St. John suddenly passed away from heart failure, The Young and The Restless is laying his character to rest on the show. We recently reported that several upcoming episodes would feature characters coming back to Neil Winter’s funeral (Neil Winters is Kristoff’s character on the show). Those episodes are airing this week.

Kristoff was only 52 years old. Family, friends, and the cast said goodbye to Kristoff in February, but the show had not yet touched on his character’s death until now. Kristoff acted on The Young and The Restless for about 27 years, so his loss was a huge one for the cast and for the fans.


See what the show posted on social media about these upcoming episodes

The show is currently doing a four-episode storyline about Neil’s death and funeral. Yesterday, April 23rd, the show dealt with the news of Neil’s death. The storyline will carry out until Friday, April 26. They will also air a special tribute to Kristoff on Monday, April 29.

neil winters funeral
Neil Winters’ Funeral / USA TODAY and CBS

The storyline will likely go on longer than these four episodes

It is likely that the loss will continue to be a storyline for a while since his death will affect so many characters. Shemar Moore and Victoria Rowell have returned to give Kristoff’s character a proper exit. Shemar played Neil’s brother and Victoria played his long-time love interest.


neil winters
Neil Winters / CBS

According to TODAY, here’s what Kristoff said about his time on The Young and The Restless before he passed:

“It feels like a real accomplishment. I’ve been a part of something that will somehow be in a time capsule up there, and I’m part of that? Yeah, I’m one of the brothers on The Young and the Restless. I’m one of the sons. I’m one of the family members. I was there. Yeah, man, Neil Winters was an integral part.”

neil winters
Neil Winters / CBS

He was an integral part indeed, and he will definitely be missed by the cast and fans alike. Have you been watching the episodes that share Neil’s death? The episodes are so emotional after Kristoff passed away in real life. 

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Watch the video below to relive one of Kristoff’s scenes as Neil Winters on The Young and The Restless:

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