WATCH: Man Paints Home His Favorite Color Pink And Neighbors Aren’t Happy

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Emilio Rodriguez has suffered a lot in his lifetime. He survived a horrible car accident when he was only four years old. Unfortunately, that accident left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. He has been through many surgeries and medical issues. He says that he loves the color pink and it has helped him stay positive through it all.

His favorite color is a Pepto Bismol pink. He even has tattoos with the color all over his body. Emilio says that even while he was struggling, he found this particular color pink to be calming and made him happier. When he was able to finally buy his dream home in Texas, he decided to paint it pink, despite his family telling him not to.


The neighbors are not happy about it

 pink house
Pink House / Facebook

The house is covered in bright pink paint, from the roof to the shutters. The neighbors have reportedly complained and said it sticks out in the otherwise ‘normal’ neighborhood.

Emilio clapped back saying that there is no HOA in the neighborhood, so he was free to paint the whole house pink. The neighbors can’t do anything about it.


Meanwhile, Emilio wants to add even more pink

Emilio / Facebook

He hopes to add a pink driveaway, pink spotlights, and even paint his wheelchair pink. After the home went viral on social media, Emilio said he even gets nasty comments about the home online. However, he does get nice comments about it too.

Hey, after what he has been through, doesn’t he deserve a bright pink home if it makes him happier? Or do you think he should re-paint it because of the neighbors?

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Watch the video below to learn more about this story and why Emilio decided to have a pink house:

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