Is ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Ending? Fans Are Worried It Is Not Being Renewed

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Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles are starting to panic. Currently, there is no news about whether or not the show will be renewed for an 11th season. There are only a few more episodes left this season, and some signs are pointing to a series finale.

One of the most recent episodes called “Searching” made fans question if they were wrapping up the series. Other news of upcoming episodes also points to an ending. Harmon Rabb or better known as Captain Harm from JAG will be joining the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for a few episodes.


Hints that sparked rumors of a cancellation among fans

Adding a beloved character from JAG could point to an ending to NCIS: LA. It could help wrap up the series nicely by bringing back a character from a similar show. Kensi and Deeks also got married on the show, which could lead to the characters having kids or moving cities and effectively leaving NCIS: LA.

“Searching” also saw Eric and Nell discussing moving to a new city. Nell wants to be close to her mother as she receives treatment for coronary heart disease. Eric got a job in another town as well, so signs point to the pair leaving Los Angeles, too.

In the same episode, Callen reunited with his sister and nephew. As he gets closer to them, maybe it could affect where he lives or his future? Fans are left with a lot of questions!

CBS will make the ultimate decision and we hope it is soon!

Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until CBS announces their decision. Based on ratings, the show is performing pretty well. Although the ratings are down from last season, it still seems like a very popular CBS show. We can’t really see them saying goodbye just yet, but you never know!

What do you think? Do you think NCIS: Los Angeles will end this season or do you think it will be renewed? Do you love NCIS: Los Angeles or do you prefer NCIS or NCIS: New Orleans? We hope all of the shows will keep going!

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Watch the video below of the highly anticipated Densi wedding on NCIS: LA. Did you love watching this couple finally get married?

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