‘JAG’ Character Captain Harm Set To Appear On ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Captain Harm on 'NCIS: LA' / CBS

David James Elliot’s character from JAG is set to appear on NCIS: Los Angeles! We can’t wait to see him return to our television screens. David played Navy Captain Harmon Rabb Jr., more commonly known as Captain Harm, on all ten seasons of JAG.

In the series finale of JAG, Captain Harm was engaged to Sarah MacKenzie (played by Catherine Bell). They were getting assigned to new posts and were trying to decide which one of them would retire and which one would continue working. This would allow them to travel and be together. They did a coin flip, but it was never revealed to the audience what they chose. Maybe we will find out now!


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Captain Harm / CBS

NCIS and its various spin-offs, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans were spin-offs from JAG. JAG characters could potentially come and go in the NCIS world, but David has not been seen yet. The producers have tried to get David and Catherine to appear in NCIS episodes in the past, but it never worked out.

Find out when David will be on NCIS: Los Angeles

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However, it is finally happening! Captain Harm will appear in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode “The Guardian”, set to air on May 12, 2019. He will be around for several episodes. According to IMDb, “Callen and Sam work with Harmon Rabb, the former JAG who is now the XO captain on the USS Intrepid to stop ISIS sympathizers from attacking U.S. aircraft carriers.”


Captain Harm / CBS

Executive Producer R. Scott Gemmill said, “I was really excited to get a chance to work with David again. I did the first four seasons of JAG with him, so to be able to work together again in and of itself is great — but to do so with the same character on [NCIS: Los Angeles] this many years later —that’s pretty damn amazing,” according to CheatSheet.


The show is excited to bring David on and have the worlds collide. The finale of JAG was in 2005, so it has been over a decade since we saw Captain Harm in action. It sounds so exciting! What do you think about JAG‘s Captain Harm starring in upcoming episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles? Are you happy to see him again?

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Check out the video below of the final scene of JAG to relive it before you see Captain Harm again on NCIS: Los Angeles:

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