You Need To See Crew Gaines Bundled Up In This Baby Snowsuit


If you are cursing the polar vortex right now, you could probably use a pick-me-up. An adorable photo of Crew Gaines, Joanna and Chip’s youngest child, may do just that. Joanna recently posted a photo of Crew bundled up in a snowsuit, making a snow angel on Instagram and it truly warmed our hearts.

The best part is if you have a young child or grandchild, you can buy them this exact snowsuit on Amazon. It looks very cozy and warm, not to mention, really cute. It has over four stars currently on Amazon and is one of the top-rated snowsuits for young babies and kids.


We Dare You Not To Say ‘Aww’ When You See This Photo


Joanna uploaded this photo of 7-month-old Crew with the caption, “My very own snow angel.” Crew is all smiles and doesn’t seem bothered by the cold at all. You might be wondering, aren’t the Gaines family from Texas? They clearly don’t get that kind of snow in Waco, Texas.

It appears that the Gaines crew are on vacation in a snowy climate. Joanna also shared a few stories on her Instagram page including Crew being pulled around in a sled. Joanna also shared a photo of herself outside in falling snow, with the caption, “Snoooow Day!” We noticed one funny comment that also eludes to the fact they are on vacation. Carpenter Clint Harp wrote, “OK for real, Waco has the weirdest weather. It was 70 at my house today.”

Buy The Snowsuit Here


If you are interested in buying the snowsuit that Crew Gaines wore, you can buy it now on Amazon for the little guy or girl in your life. It comes in gray, white, or pink and is made by the company North Face. They make lots of high-quality outdoor gear.

What do you think about the photos of Crew and Joanna Gaines? Where do you think the Gaines family is on vacation in the snow? Isn’t it funny that most of us are sick of the snow and they went on vacation to a snowy climate?

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Check out this adorable video we found about the first few months of Crew Gaines life. He really is the best and we can’t wait to see him grow up:

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