13 Saran Wrap Hacks That Would Make Your Mom Proud


Saran wrap is typically used for wrapping up leftovers and storing them in the fridge. But did you know that there are so many other uses for saran wrap out there? So many, that you’d be stupid not to take advantage of because they’ll make your life 10 times easier!

From organizing jewelry to using it as a protective seal for painting walls (instead of tape), it’s a seriously useful tool that should be taken advantage of when opportunity knocks. Here are 13 saran wrap hacks that mom never taught you!


1. Christmas trees


This is #1 on our list because we know some of you still have your Christmas trees up! For those of you who have artificial Christmas trees, forget taking off the ornaments, taking down the tree limb by limb, and stuffing the tree inside a box. Just wrap it in saran wrap! You’ll be good to go until next Christmas.


2. Decorative illusion


It’s still winter, meaning we can still get away with winter-related decorations. This is one of them. By crumbling up saran wrap super tightly in a water container, it gives the illusion of snow!

3. Jewelry organizer


There is actually no worse feeling than seeing your favorite jewelry all tangled up together and having to spend several minutes detangling everything. To prevent this, just lay the pieces of jewelry flat between two pieces of saran wrap. This will help keep its shape and prevent tangling!

4. Shelf Liner

One Crazy HouseYou can use saran wrap as a shelf liner for when you have to clean out your refrigerator shelves or cabinets! The plastic makes the surface smoother and catches any leaks that might occur.

5. Spill-proof cup


You can now make all cups spill-proof for your kids and grandkids. Simply cover the top with cling plastic wrap and stick a straw right through the middle. No need for cleaning up messes anymore!

6. Keeping clothes dry in the snow

Carrie This Home

Okay, this one looks a little funny. But by using Glad Press’n Seal and wrapping your kid’s or grandkid’s clothes up in the plastic wrap, you’ll keep their skin and clothes nice and dry while they play out in the snow this winter!

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