The Pineapple Diet And 11 Wacky Weight Loss Trends People Actually Tried In The ’60s


7. The Stillman Diet


The Stillman Diet focused on using a lot of spices and not many condiments. According to Wikipedia, “The diet includes lean beef, veal, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and non-fat cottage cheese. Spices, tabasco sauce, herbs, salt, and pepper are also allowed. Condiments, butter, dressings and any kind of fat or oil are not permitted. Tea, coffee, and non-caloric soft drinks can be consumed, but only in addition to the 8 daily glasses of water required. It’s also recommended that dieters eat 6 small meals per day instead of 3 large ones.” The diet became popular when Karen Carpenter went on it.

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8. The Sexy Pineapple Diet


In this diet, two days per week you would eat nothing but pineapples. The rest of the week you could eat whatever you like. It was originated in Denmark and obviously didn’t work very well.

9. The Grapefruit Diet


This was one of the first fad diets. You were supposed to eat a slice of grapefruit with each meal with the claim that enzymes in the citrus fruit burned fat.


10. The Israeli Army Diet

israeli army diet

Interestingly enough, this diet had nothing to do with the Israeli Army. You had to do four cycles of eating one food for two days. For example, you could only eat apples for days one and two. You could only eat cheese for days three and four. Days five and six were only chicken. Then you ate salad.

11. The Last Chance Diet


Dr. Robert Linn released a book on this diet that was based on his liquid protein drink called Prolinn. The drink was made from bones and hooves from slaughterhouses. It was eventually banned after people died. Yikes.

12. The Scarsdale Diet


This diet was published by Dr. Herman Tarnower. It was a low carb diet similar to the Atkins diet. It got popular again in the 1980s when Dr. Tarnower was murdered.

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