The Pineapple Diet And 11 Wacky Weight Loss Trends People Actually Tried In The ’60s


People have been trying crazy diets to lose weight for decades. Diet trends always start in January, when a lot of people aim to lose weight in the new year. Certain programs like Weight Watchers have been around since their start. Other diets are so crazy that most people fall off the bandwagon fairly quickly.

Here are some of the strangest fad diets from the 1960s:


1. Metrecal


Mead Johnson introduced a protein powder to help people lose weight called Metrecal. It was available as a chalky shake that contained only 225 calories. You were supposed to consume the shake four times a day. Eventually, the company also tried to push other products like clam chowder and cookies.

2. Belt Massagers

belt massager

Belt massagers were invented in hopes to help shake fat away. It became more of a funny gag gift instead of an actual way to lose weight.


3. Sego


Sego was a meal-replacement shake that was only 1,000 calories for an entire day. Interesting fact: Alfred Hitchcock discovered actress Tippi Hedren when she appeared in a commercial for Sego.

4. Carnation’s Slender


The brand Carnation is still around, but their drink Slender is not popular anymore. It was a powder drink meal replacement. They sold it as a weight loss food. You might want to stick to just getting evaporated milk from Carnation now.

5. The Drinking Man’s Diet

drinking man diet

This doesn’t mean it was a diet of only alcohol. It was a low-carb diet where you would drink a liquid lunch. “The Drinking Man’s Diet” was a book and considered to be the original low-carb diet.

6. Diet Pills

diet pill

Diet pills are still around today, but they became popular in the 1960s. During the last half of the decade, diet pills became more popular than diet shakes.

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