‘Forrest Gump’ Star Gary Sinise Donates Millions Of Dollars To Veterans Every Year Through His Foundation


Gary Sinise, best known for his role in the 1994 film Forrest Gump, is no stranger to donating his own, hard-earned money to help those in need. The actor, who has also starred in movies such as Apollo 12, Truman, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has his own foundation where he gives back to “defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need.”

The foundation provides many other things to the people in that category as well! According to the website, over 162,000 meals have been served to our nation’s defenders through the foundation and emergency relief grants were awarded to 233 police officers, firefighters, and EMTs through the foundation.



When did Gary Sinise start this foundation and why?

The official website of the foundation states when and why Sinise decided to start this foundation in his name.

“After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, I began devoting much of my time supporting the men and women who were deployed in response to those attacks – the brave service members who, each day, protect and defend our great country,” he writes, “Having veterans in my own family, and having been involved with supporting our military veterans going back to the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, it was after that terrible day I decided to become much more active for our defenders however and wherever I could.”


Gary Sinise Foundation

“A few years after 9/11, I visited local NY firehouses, befriended many firefighters, and have supported the FDNY through numerous efforts, including raising funds to build The Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance, in honor of all 416 first responders lost on that terrible morning. Through the Disabled American Veterans organization, I found it my mission to do all I could to support our wounded heroes and their families,” Sinise continued.

“And by getting involved with many other veterans Initiatives, I began to support the children of the fallen, Gold and Blue Star Families, and wherever I could serve and honor a need within the military, veteran, and first responder communities.”

Gary Sinise Foundation / The Walker Family

In addition to all the amazing things Sinise has done for a number of defenders and veterans, he has also provided smart homes to 17 defenders that are modified to fit their needs. One of the families that received a smart home was the Walker family. The home is entirely mortgage-free and features the ability to operate things from an iPad and wheelchair accessible showers.

Just a few months ago, it was reported that over 1,700 children of fallen soldiers were taken on a trip with a parent/guardian to Disney, which was called the Snowball Express 2018.


It is evident that Sinise has gone above and beyond to give back to our veterans, defenders, and first-responders, including the families of them. Way to go!

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Check out the video below detailing the impact of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

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