This Pillowcase Hack Will Change How You Clean Your Ceiling Fan Forever

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Cleaning can sometimes feel like a never-ending task. No matter what size house you have, there are so many different items to clean. Every room is filled with things that collect dust, dirt, and germs. One of the most common things that get overlooked is ceiling fans. They collect dust really quickly and you don’t often think to look up at them or clean them.

This is another case of the Internet saving the day. We don’t know who first thought of this hack, but the Internet is buzzing with its effectiveness. Before we tell you all the good stuff, tell us, how do you clean your ceiling fans or do you even clean them that often? It can be annoying to bust out a ladder and brush them or dust them. Not to mention all of the dust and ickiness that tumbles off the fan onto you while you are cleaning.


Here’s How To Clean Your Ceiling Fans Better Than You Ever Have

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To get the ceiling fan really clean and not get any dust on you, slide an old pillowcase over the blades and then slide it right off. You will want to hold on to it so it stays on the blade of the fan and removes everything the first time. All of the dust and dirt will go into the inside of the case and not all over you or the floor or your bed. If you don’t have any old pillowcases lying around, you can use a regular one and just wash it after. Simply dump out the dust in the garbage and then wash the pillowcase.

No Dust On The Floor Or Your Bed


Swiffer dusters or cloths may work well, but using a pillowcase will ensure you get all of the dust and debris off the ceiling fan and it won’t fall on you. So, save any old pillowcases when you get new ones so you can try this cleaning hack. Cotton pillowcases work the best, but you can use any type that you have on hand.


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If you would like to see a video of how this cleaning hack is performed, watch the video below and be careful if you need to stand on a stepladder to clean the ceiling fan: 

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