Elvis Presley Just Returned To The Billboard Hot 40 – The Last Time That Happened Was In 1981

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Elvis Presley returned to the Billboard Hot 40 Chart for the first time since 1981. The chart recently ranked popular Christmas songs from the holiday season and Presley’s “Blue Christmas” was climbing the Top 40 chart during the first week of January. Each year, the Billboard Hot 100 Charts release a Holiday themed chart where many old favorites come back on the list.

The classic Christmas song, with Presley’s being one of the most popular versions had about 9.6 million plays during the week of Christmas. The last time Presley was in the top 40 was on March 28, 1981, with his song “Guitar Man” at No. 28. What a great way to honor “The King” who has a birthday coming up on January 8. He would have been 84 years old this year.


Some Other Old Favorites Made The List

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Some other old favorites also made the list this year including Frank Sinatra, Bobby Helms, Burl Ives, The Ronettes, Dean Martin, and Chuck Berry. Sinatra and Berry have not been on the Hot 100 in decades. Sinatra’s version of “Jingle Bells” reached the Hot 100 for the first time. Other versions have hit it before, but not Sinatra’s.

Elvis Presley Has Reached Some Serious Hot 100 Chart Goals

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Presley has 109 songs reach the Billboard Hot 100 chart. While the last time Presley hit the Top 40 was in 1981, he did hit the Top 100 with his song “Rubberneckin'”, which reached No. 94 in 2003. Presley is in the top five of all artists holding the most hits on the charts.


Check Out The Chart For Yourself


If you are interested in checking out the Holiday Hot 100 list and seeing how the hits move around the chart, click here to visit the Billboard Hot 100 website. You can also listen to your favorite songs to help them move up the list. You can also see how the songs did in previous weeks. At the time of writing, this Elvis tune was at the No. 16 spot but has continued to move.

According to Billboard, “From 1963 through 1972, and from 1983 through 1985 [with minimal exceptions], Billboard published a seasonal Christmas Singles chart and did not chart Christmas singles on the Hot 100.” Per current Hot 100 rules, in place in recent years, older songs, including seasonal titles, can rank in the top 50 if experiencing significant multi-metric gains, and multiple holiday standards re-enter or debut each season.”

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Watch Elvis Presley perform “Blue Christmas” in the video below. This is when he performed it live in 1968: 

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