12 Things Most Millennials Would Never Know How To Use


Isn’t it weird to think that there are people alive in this world who don’t know what floppy disks or VHS tapes are? The last generation to understand what any of these things might be would be the 90s kids, but even then, there are so many things in this world that have yet to be understood by millennials or even younger.

There are even some items out there that are a little less memorable, meaning that there’s pretty much no meaning to them whatsoever to kids or teens today. Do you remember any of these items?


1. Church keys


Church keys weren’t exactly used for gaining access to a church. They were actually used to open bottles and cans! They could still be of use today, but there are other bottle/can openers available on the market.

2. Record adapters

Wikimedia Commons

People don’t really spin records much anymore, but back in the old days these were a necessity. Record adapters were used to help the smaller 45 rpm singles to fit onto a different record player designed for larger LPs.


It’s also noteworthy to mention that the popularity of record players and vinyl is on the rise. Vinyl was on track to outsell CDs for the first time since 1986!

3. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

Award Winning Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant Judy Emberson / Facebook

Would you believe us if we said that this was used to help people lose weight? Would you wear it in public today? These pants were apparently designed to help melt away fat from people’s stomachs and thighs like a charm.

4. Coin-shaped needle threaders


Back in the old days, seweing was a pretty common things for most women to take part in, and these needle threaders were definitely sought after due to their beautiful, coin-shaped design. Nowadays, much different forms of needle threaders exist.

5. Tailor’s chalk


Tailor’s chalk is used to mark spots on fabric. This chalk is particularly used when making alterations to clothing, but a much different form of chalk is used today in place of this!

6. Floppy disks


Eight-inch floppy disks were put on the market in 1971, which was basically a hard drive used to import to a computer tower in order to save documents. Nowadays we just have flashdrives!

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