Have Any of These 12 Things In Your House? You May Be An Old Soul


Do you ever wonder if your home is making you look old? Or do you wonder if it is time for a home makeover? If you say yes to a few items on this list, it might just be time for a change. Sometimes our keepsakes can just make us feel stuck in the past and make us look older.

If you have the following things in your home, you might just be an old soul.


1. Tchotchkes everywhere!

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If every small space in your home is filled with collectibles and tchotchkes, you are definitely an old soul. There is a fine line between a beautiful, organized collection and a hoarder’s mess. You might love all of your tchotchkes but it might be time to get rid of or give away a few of them.

2. You use a lot of lace doilies

lace doilies
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Lace doilies used to be really popular back in the day. Do you still have a bunch of them in your home? Do you use them as coasters?


3. There are fake flowers and plants everywhere

fake flowers
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Fake flowers and plants were really popular in the 1980s. A few here and there are probably no big deal, but if they cover your house and they are covered in dust, you might be an old soul.

4. Your electronics are ancient

There is nothing wrong if you don’t run out and buy the newest TVs and gadgets right away. But if going into your home looks like a museum with TVs from the 1950s, it might be time to upgrade. Plus, TVs and computers used to be so bulky. You’ll save a lot of room by upgrading to newer versions.

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5. You have dark wood paneling

Wood paneling on the walls was really popular back in the day. However, it really just makes the room look dark. If you are sick of it, just paint it white to brighten up your house.


6. Do you still have a Barcalounger?


Remember Barcaloungers? If you still think they are the comfiest chairs out there, you are an old soul for sure!


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