13 Unanswered Questions From JFK’s Assassination We Still Wonder About Today


7. House of Representatives questioning

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The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) came together to investigate the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. They even concluded that JFK’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy. The report was never successfully refuted and is allegedly no more credible than the Warren’s Commission’s report. This clearly still raises the question about a possible conspiracy that has not been fully disclosed with the public.

8. High probability of conspiracy

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Now, with all of this information, there’s clearly a high probability of conspiracy that is out of the public eye for whatever reason. One of the reasons why the HSCA’s report failed to present a clear argument was due to the fact it didn’t include a logical explanation for the events. There was absolutely no evidence to suggest who may have been behind the conspiracy, which is where the situation becomes even more confusing. It’s a game of ‘who done it’?


9. Other theories


There are other theories out there besides the “conspiracy” and “more than one man” ideas. One of the theories that the HSCA actually refuted was that the Cuban government was somehow involved. Another strange fact? The HSCA does not get to review the theory information, meaning they never receive the option to open investigation towards any promising leads. Again, more information being withheld, not only from the public but also from actual government officials.

10. Is the word “conspiracy” a problem?

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Many conspiracy theories are “too crazy” or “not plausible”, but this is what happens when information is withheld from the public. Toni Glover, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of Scranton, is just 11 years old when she witnesses JFK’s assassination. She claims she saw a second shooter, not Oswald, on the side of the road. This was the shot that ended up taking JFK’s life. This still stands as yet another theory.


11. The “bullet from behind” theory

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Former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley has written several books on the assassination and avoids the term ‘conspiracy theory’. Despite this, Morley still doubts that the fatal shot came from Oswald mainly due to JFK’s head flying backward when he was shot. Morley feels it makes a lot more sense for the fatal shot to come from in front of JFK, rather than behind, in this case. Despite this idea, reports have claimed that a shot from behind can cause the head to fly backward. So, it’s not a case of which way the bullet came from.

12. The ‘paraffin test’

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Reporter Jefferson Morley also pointed out that a paraffin test on Oswald suggested he did not have a rifle on him. Despite this, the test’s reliability has been questioned since and there has yet to be a final ruling on what is true or false. This, again, raises the question about if Oswald was even part of the scheme to kill the president.

13. Did the government do it?

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This is definitely one of the most common theories among pretty much any type of murder, whether it’s an assassination or a mass killing spree. “The government did it.” Many believe that the government is hiding so much information from us because it was actually an inside job and have been trying to hide it for decades. CIA leaders were apparently pretty frustrated with JFK over the Bay of Pigs Invasion, so could that have pushed them over the edge to get rid of JFK once and for all?

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