Plastic Charms: The Must Have Accessory For Cool 80s Girls

We all have certain things from our childhoods that we’d never be caught dead in today. Now, while today they’d make a rather erm undesirable statement, back in the day, we coveted these items and spent much time acquiring them. Some of these items were plastic charm bracelets and necklaces.

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Marketing brightly colored plastic to little girls is not exactly unique, but there was just something about this decidedly not precious jewelry that made as valuable as the rarest of gems. The charms came in every shape you could imagine: beauty products, snacks, sports gear, musical instruments, animals, and miscellaneous. My friends and I happily clipped on the ones that best represented us, eagerly looking forward to the sound the little bells attached to each charm would make as we moved. They also served as social currency, as we happily traded charms amongst ourselves except for my pink lipstick shaped charm, which I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world.

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