If You Are Struggling To Sell Your Home, Bury One Of These Statues


Selling your home can be very stressful. Some people are lucky and their house sells right away, but others wait and wait while their house sits on the market for months. Some people swear by divine intervention to help them with stressful things in life, including selling a house. Did you know there is a statue that is supposed to help sell your home?

Do you remember learning about Joseph in Sunday School? Joseph was Virgin Mary’s husband, the Earthly father of Jesus. Joseph was a carpenter by trade and many call him the patron saint of carpenters or the patron saint of homes and real estate. Did you know this?


There is a tradition where people bury a Joseph statue in their yard, hoping he will help sell the home. It sounds pretty crazy, but some people swear by it. Some people say you should bury Joseph upside down facing the front door and some people bury him in the flower bed. What have you heard?


There are apparently a lot of opinions about this. Some Christians think it is a disgrace to bury Joseph in the dirt, where others swear by this practice and think it works. The tradition started around the 1970s when people came out of the woodworks with stories about this actually working.

Women of Grace

So Where Does This Come From?

There is a book called “Saint Joseph, My Real Estate Agent”, and it says a man once threw the statue out because the thought it wasn’t working. Apparently, three days later, he found out the local dump was being sold. Creepy, right?


This might sound weird, but if you are struggling to sell your home, you might want to try anything right? It is sold for only around $5-10 online. It doesn’t sound like it would do any harm, especially if you are into spiritual practices and believe that things like this work. Maybe if you believe it works, it just might!


What do you think of this tradition? Have you ever tried it? Did it work or not? Or do you find the whole thing kind of nuts and would never do it?

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