10 Things Every ’50s Mom Had In Her Kitchen


6. Egg Poacher Pan

egg poacher pan

If you ever wanted your eggs poached for Sunday brunch, you could always count on your handy-dandy egg poacher pan.

7. Food Mill

food mill

Who needs a blender when you have a Food Mill? This was the old-fashioned way of pureeing all types of food from baby food to applesauce.


8. French Fry Cutter

french fry cutter

This is another way to get those homemade fries perfectly cut and crisp. Nowadays we can just buy frozen french fries and pop them in the oven, but cutting your own french fries definitely sounds more appealing!

9. Meat Tenderizer

meat tenderizer

Now, this is one of those scary-looking ’50s items. We now know tenderizers as looking much different and less harmful than this bad boy.


10. Vintage Pyrex


Pyrex was everyone’s favorite household name and if you didn’t own at least one casserole dish, what were you doing? Pyrex is still one of the best and most popular brands out there for cooking.

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