10 Royal Family Food Rules That They Are Required To Follow


Did you know that all members of the Royal family are required to abide by Royal protocol when it comes to eating and how they eat? Whether it’s wearing a certain type of outfit or crossing their knife and fork a certain way to signal they’re finished eating, it’s a very strict kind of etiquette and we give them a lot of credit for being able to keep up with it.

Some additional facts about the Royal family’s dining protocol includes no pasta for dinner and the Queen gets to approve the menu before dinner preparations commence. There’s also no shellfish allowed and when the Queen is finished, everyone is finished. I’m overwhelmed just reading all this.


1. They cannot accept food from outside sources


If Meghan Markle is offered food at a formal event, she can accept. But if she’s offered food outside of that event, she cannot accept it.

2. But if you offer them food in a Royal setting, they cannot refuse

How do they all stay in such great shape from all the random food offerings?

3. There’s an entire Royal team dedicated to seating them

They are officially titled The Office of the Marshal of the Court and they place all of the Royal family members in their assigned seats for royal dinners and other formal events.

4. There’s a specific set-up for dinner conversations

For the first course, the Queen speaks to the person on her right hand side. Then upon the arrival of the second course, the person on her left is up for the conversation.

5. You aren’t allowed to leave the table until the Queen does

As aforementioned, when the Queen is done, everyone is done. But you are absolutely not allowed to leave the table before the Queen does. It’s considered extremely disrespectful.

6. There is a correct way to hold your tea

There is a specific way to hold your teacups in the Royal family, ladies and gentlemen. The correct way is with the forefinger and thumb against the top of the handle and, if need be, using the middle finger to support the base of the handle.

7. Ladies aren’t allowed to leave lipstick stains on anything

Better make sure you wear matte lipstick or none at all if you’re part of the Royal family. If it happens the first time, it’s not a big deal, but they need to sip from the same rim for the entire time so lipstick doesn’t envelope the rest of the cup’s rim.

8. They’re huge on organic, gourmet, farm-to-table foods

Especially the Queen. Menus are often sent back several times because she demands organic, farm-to-table foods for her family. They also only eat non-GMO foods and try to incorporate tons of fruits and vegetables. Ah, so that’s how they stay in such good shape…

9. They have to hold their utensils a certain way

Knives have to go in the right hand, forks in the left, with the fork facing towards the plate. They also must use their knives to scoop food onto their fork and balance it all the way into their mouths. Talk about an Olympic sport.

10. No garlic allowed

Yeah. Like, ever. I personally feel as though they’re missing out, but I’m not a Royal, so what do I know?

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