John Legend Reveals He And Chrissy Teigen Named Their Son After Miles Davis


John Legend just revealed the inspiration behind his new son’s name. No pun intended, but the second-time parents chose a legend to name the little man after.

Last week, John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, welcomed their second child, a little boy. A few days after it Chrissy gave birth, both she and John took to social media to share a sweet photo of their newborn son and reveal his name: Miles Theodore Stephens.


In case the last name confuses you, Legend isn’t actually John’s last name. That is his stage name (based on a nickname he earned while first working with Kanye West). He is really John Stephens, and both of his children have his last name.

While walking the red carpet at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, John explained the reasoning behind their son’s name. He told E! News host Jason Kennedy:


“We named our first daughter Luna Simone Stephens and every name we give to our kids I think will have a little bit of musical history to it. Miles, of course, is the same name as the great Miles Davis and Chrissy really liked the name Theodore, so we put it all together and had Miles Theodore Stephens. When he came out and we hung out with him for a little while, we were like, ‘He looks like a Miles.'”

Miles Davis
Wikimedia / Mallory1180

In reference to his daughter’s name, they gave her the name Luna Simone to honor the late singer-pianist Nina Simone. Now Miles gets the same chance to honor a great musician as well!

Chrissy Teigen has always been very candid about her parenting style and she isn’t stopping anytime soon. She shared a photo of herself less than a week after giving birth, wearing hospital-issued mesh underwear while holding her son, as her daughter Luna played the harp in the background. Pretty much every mom-of-two has experienced a mom similar to this post-birth. She also shared a photo on Twitter poking fun at John for “not taking care of his baby” while she watched him on TV.

Do you love this baby name? Maybe we’ll see little Miles making music with his dad some day. And who knows, maybe he’ll take up the trumpet like his namesake!

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