3-Year-Old Chooses Her Own Outfit For School Photos, Becomes Internet’s Hero

Picture day is always really fun when you’re a little kid, especially if your parents let you choose your own outfit! Obviously, if you have to wear a stuffy, scratchy grown-up outfit, it can be annoying, but if you get to choose your own clothes, picture day can really be something special.

Kaylieann Steinbach’s parents decided to let her pick out her own outfit for picture day, and she really went all out.

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Kaylieann decided to go as Supergirl — or as she says it, “Pootergirl” — for picture day. Austin explained that Kaylieann, who is mostly deaf and has problems with “S” sounds, always says “Pootergirl” instead of “Supergirl.”

Austin Steinbach, Kaylieann’s dad, says that they normally give Kayelieann three outfit options in the morning, but Supergirl definitely wasn’t one of her picture day options.

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Kaylieann has been working on learning sign language, and it’s really helped her come into her own. Austin says that ASL has allowed Kaylieann to really show off her personality.

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Austin is very proud of his daughter, who obviously loves superheroes. Apparently Kaylieann is a big fan of dressing up, especially as superheroes.

Sometimes, Austin even has to hide some of her costumes just so he can wash them!

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Austin explained, “This specific costume she got for our trip to San Francisco Comic-Con and she wore almost two weeks straight up until Comic-Con, which after we had the fight the century to get it off!”

Luckily, Kaylieann’s school doesn’t have any picture day requirements, so they let her keep the costume on — they even applauded her for her outfit choice!

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Kaylieann’s teachers and classmates love seeing which outfit she chooses each day, and they always think it’s fun when she dresses up as a superhero.

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Just look at Kaylieann at school with her teacher — they dressed up the same way!

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

Kaylieann is definitely an independent little girl, and we love that! Don’t you agree that she’s absolutely adorable?

Facebook / Austin Steinbach

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