This Man Saved His Classmate’s Life, Even Though He Hadn’t Seen Him In 50 Years


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Although they hadn’t seen each other in a whopping 50 years, this man knew that he had to save his classmate’s life – he just didn’t realize the road to saving his life would be paved with so much pain and so many problems…


50 years ago, Charlie Ball and Kenneth Walker attended the same school but they weren’t close.

Walker and Ball graduated in 1969 from Archbishop Carroll High School in Washington DC. The two men barely knew each other in school and hadn’t talked since they graduated, but a medical emergency ended up bringing these two men together.


Ball was one of several classmates who had received an e-mail from Walker asking for a kidney.

He immediately recognized the name of his old classmate and decided to send a reply. He got tested to see if he was a match. It turns out that he was. So, in a surprising turn of events, he told Walker that he would give him one of his kidneys.

Kenneth Walker / Facebook

Walker still lived in Washington DC, but Ball was living on the other side of the country.

It took a couple of months to set up a reunion in Washington, and that included all of Walker’s old classmates. About 20 classmates showed up and everyone began to talk about the good old days and what they’d been up to.

Charlie Ball / Facebook

Eventually, the moment came and Walker and Ball went to George Washington University Hospital.

Walker was working for the National Public Radio in South Africa when he was misdiagnosed and ended up getting the wrong treatment. When he returned to the US 18 months later, he learned that his life was in danger and that he needed a new kidney.

Charlie Ball / Facebook

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