Here’s How to Fix Dog Urine Spots on Your Lawn


Does your dog keep peeing in the same spot every day?

You might not have even realized it at first, because really, who is watching their pup do their business that closely? We try to give them a little privacy at that time of day! But, in doing so, you might have missed the fact that they keep peeing in the same spot, and thus, you have urine stains all over your lawn.


Time with Thea

You’re not alone in this struggle! Blogger Time with Thea has had this pesky urine problem happy because of her adorable golden lab. On her blog, she broke down the best way to combat this and get your grass back to that luscious green we all desire.

Things You’ll Need


  • Ground limestone (extra fine)
  • Topsoil
  • Grass seeds
  • Peat Moss (for stubborn grass)
  • Patience
Time with Thea

After you’ve gathered your supplies, there are just three easy steps to follow.

  1.  Rake over the urine spots to get rid of as much dead grass as possible.
  2. Apply an extra-fine layer of limestone on top. You will then water the area to help the limestone absorb and let it sit for a week.
  3. Finally, you will cover the patches with topsoil and sprinkle grass seeds. Gently water the area for the next few weeks (unless it rains).
Time with Thea

When Thea felt that her grass was taking a bit longer than she’d have liked to grow back, she spoke with a horticulture buddy and they suggested she reseed the area and add peat moss. If your grass is growing in nicely, you might be able to skip this step.

Time with Thea

You can check out Thea’s entire tutorial on her blog, Time with Thea.

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