Here’s What Famous TV Homes Would Be Worth In The Real World


This story was originally written by Michael Zennie for dailymail.

Lorelai Gilmore had a whole lot more money than she let on. The single mom always seemed to be just scraping by, but in reality, the ‘Gilmore Girls’ house in charming Stars Hollow, Connecticut, is worth a whopping $2.8million. That’s just one of the fictional TV homes that would be worth millions in the real world today. Real estate website Trulia has estimated the value of some of TV’s most famous properties – even ones that never actually existed.


The family-of-eight Brady Bunch supposedly lived in this two-bedroom house in Los Angeles. Trulia estimates the home in North Hollywood is worth $550,000.

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The Sopranos’ mansion in North Caldwell, New Jersey, has hardly changed in the eight years since the show went off the air.

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Modest home: The Connor family home from ‘Rosanne’ is worth an estimated $112,000. The real house is in Evansville, Indiana – through the Connors lived in a distant Chicago suburb. Trulia says they lived in Peoria County, Illinois.

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The Gilmore house, for instance, was built on the Warner Brothers lot in Studio City, California. Trulia figures that it was actually located in Washington, Connecticut, the real-life town that inspired the show’s creator.


The Dunphy residence from Modern Family in West Los Angeles, meanwhile, would sell for an estimated $1.45million.

The Sopranos’ suburban New Jersey mansion would go for $1.7million.

And wealthy Sandy and Kirsten Cohen from ‘The O.C.’ lived on a $5.8million estate – which Trulia estimates is in Malibu, not Orange County.

Most of TV’s famous houses are based on real homes – though they weren’t always in the right place. The house used in ‘Rosanne’ is actually in Evansville, Indiana – even though the Connor family lived in a suburb of Chicago.

Single mom Lorelai Gilmore’s house, which was actually built on the Warner Brothers lot in Los Angeles, would be worth about $2.8million in Connecticut.

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The massive Cohen family mansion from ‘The O.C.’ isn’t even in Orange County – it’s in Malibu. And it’s worth a whopping $5.8million.

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The Taylor ranch house from ‘Friday Night Lights’ is actually in Austin, Texas, and it’s worth about $230,000, according to Trulia.

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