Can You Spot The Yellow M&M In This Candy Corn?

In this yummy pile of candy corn is a yellow M&M. Can you find it? Once you find it, share with a friend who loves photo-hunt puzzles as much as you do! Take a look at the picture below. (And try not to get too hungry for candy corn while you’re at it.)

Can you spot the yellow M&M?

Somewhere, among this pile o' candy corn, is a yellow M&M. Can you spot it?

Posted by on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

OK, are you frustrated? Stumped because you can’t find the yellow M&M? Need a hint?

Here’s a hint. It looks like it’s a mini-sized M&M, not a regular-sized one. So look for something small.

Still can’t find it?

Keep scrolling…

OK, here it is…

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See, I told you it was tiny!


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