30 Famous Women Of The 60s: Then And Now


Age is an interesting thing. It can either make you look better, or far worse than you looked when you were younger. Famous women aren’t immune to this phenomenon, namely your favorite celebrities from the 60s. Here are 30 stunning women from the ’60s then…and today.

Sadly, a few have passed but they had such an impact on our pop-culture lives that we wanted to keep them on the list.


1. Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar 60s then and now
Julie Newmar | Batman Wiki – Fandom

Newmar’s fame stems mainly from her television appearances. Her statuesque form made her a larger-than-life sex symbol, most often cast as a temptress or Amazonian beauty, including an early appearance in sexy maid costume on The Phil Silvers Show. She starred as Rhoda the Robot on the television series My Living Doll (1964–1965), but Newmar is best known for her recurring role on the 1960s television series Batman as the villainess Catwoman. Newmar modified her Catwoman costume—now in the Smithsonian Institution—and placed the belt on the hips instead of the waist to emphasize her hourglass figure. Julie Newmar is living in Los Angeles & turned 86 on August 16th, 2019.


2. Vanessa Redgrave

Redgrave | Pinterest/festival-cannes.com

If there is anyone who will be remembered for their stage acting during the 60s, it’s Vanessa Redgrave. Like many actors, she went from stage to cinema during a common transition of testing the waters. She ended up winning an Academy Award later for her role in “Camelot”, “Mission: Impossible”, among others. Such awards have established her place in Hollywood. She is 82 years young as of 9/20/19.



3. Ann-Margret

Ann-Margret 1960's and today
Ann-Margret | Pinterest/The Denver Channel

Ann-Margret is best known for her roles in Bye Bye Birdie (1963), Viva Las Vegas (1964), The Cincinnati Kid (1965), Carnal Knowledge (1971), Tommy (1975), Grumpy Old Men (1993), and Grumpier Old Men (1995). Her singing and acting careers span five decades, starting in 1961; initially, she was billed as a female version of Elvis Presley.

Ann-Margret has no children, but she was stepmother to the three children of husband Roger Smith, an actor who later became her manager. She and Smith were married on May 8, 1967, until his death on June 4, 2017. Prior to this, she was romantically linked to Elvis Presley during the filming of Viva Las Vegas. Margret is 78, her birthday is April 28th, 1941. Most recently, Ann-Margret was in two episodes of Netflix’s hit show The Kominsky Method in 2018 and is in the upcoming movie Never Too Late, co-starring alongside Jane Curtin and James Caan. That’s a pretty stacked cast! Check her out below!

4. Barbara Feldon

IMDb/Getty Images

While a majority of her work was known to be in the theatre, she was also quite famous for having appeared on “Get Smart”. This was a popular TV show in the 60s. Barbara Feldon was also a successful model at the time and is still remembered for her mascara tricks that made her eyes stand out. Give them a try! Feldon is a Pisces, born March 12th, 1933. Barbara is currently 86.


5. Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau famous women of the 60s
Jeanne Moreau Then and Now | Variety/Euronews

This French beauty had her acting roots on stage, but made her big debut in 1949, as she began to star in films, in addition to theatre. Her most famous film was the critically acclaimed “Elevator to the Gallows”, in which she played the lead female role, and boy did she own it. She continued on to play many more leading ladies throughout her lifetime. Sadly, Moreau passed away in July of 2017 at age 89.

6. Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren | Listal/ABC News

Who could possibly forget the beautiful Sophia Loren? When she is talked about, everyone knows her name, and in addition to remembering her talent, her astonishing beauty is also noted. Loren is a major star in the realm of Italian cinema, and despite her age, she still acts today, looks more fabulous than ever, and continues to bring in awards. Loren is 85.

7. Julie Christie

The Telegraph/IMDb

Movies like Doctor Zhivago and Madding Crowd are what made Julie Christie truly famous and part of the Hollywood film community. Despite all of her amazing work of the past, she still acts, and you’ve probably seen her in more recent films, like “The Company You Keep” and “Red Riding Hood.” This woman will always remain a jewel to the industry.
Coming up, one of the biggest, most influential leading ladies of the Sixties. Christie is 79.

8. Twiggy

1960s English fashion model Twiggy pictured then and now
English Model Twiggy – Then and Now | Daily Mail/Stuff.co.nz

Renowned English model, actress, and singer, widely known by the nickname Twiggy. Twiggy was repeatedly told she was too short at 5ft 6in and that she was too kooky. But she rose above becoming a British cultural icon and a prominent teenage model in swinging sixties London. Twiggy was initially known for her thin build (thus her nickname) and her androgynous look consisting of big eyes, long eyelashes, and short hair. She is a supporter of breast cancer research, animal welfare, and anti-fur campaigns. She currently resides in London. She is 70 years young.

9. Catherine Deneuve


Catherine Deneuve has been on a roll since the 60s, and hasn’t stopped for a second. This French star has obtained numerous awards for her work, so much, that she is an icon in the world of French cinema. This woman did it all, including English films, such as Dancer in the Dark and The Musketeer. Today, she continues to act and participates in an array of philanthropic organizations. Deneuve is a Libra, born October 22, 1943.

10. Barbara Eden

Daily Express/2Paragraphs.com

I Dream of Jeannie” is one of the most famous TV shows from the 60s, and what made it oh-so-wonderful, was Barbara Eden’s role as “Jeannie.” No one else could have made the role better. Not only was Eden a great actress, but she had amazing makeup every time she was seen on TV. It’s safe to say that she is the best example of how to properly use a highlighter on your face. Take note, ladies! Beautiful Barbara Eden is a Virgo, born 8/22/31.

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