8+ Fabulous Vintage Barbie Doll Fashion Set Treasures!


Vintage complete Barbie doll fashions-1959 “Gay Parisienne” outfit #964. (Selling range-$600-$1,000) Source: Pinterest

The world of high fashion is not only an important factor with people; it’s also significant in the vast world of Barbie doll collecting. Let’s face it: The joy of dressing is an art-even if it’s dressing up a Barbie doll. Doll designer fashion sets along their tiny accessories can bring in “BIG BUCKS” today!

When the first Mattel Barbie doll came out in 1959, she also came with an assortment of fashionable outfits and accessories. Approximately twenty-two outfits were offered for sale in 1959. The original Barbie doll was sold wearing a striped black and white bathing suit, but of course, she needed a wardrobe. Charlotte Johnson (from the Chouinard Art School in Los Angeles) was hired to design Barbie’s fashionable outfit sets.



These “first” Barbie doll outfits cost approximately $1 to $5 to purchase in 1959-1960, but today they can be worth over $700 if complete with accessories. The couture ensemble called “Gay Parisienne” featured- a dotted-swiss navy blue taffeta, “bubble dress,” matching hat with veil; a lined, white fur stole; gold velvet clutch purse;  graduated pearl necklace and stud pearl earrings; long white gloves, and navy blue, open-toe high heels. This outfit is one of three original Barbie outfits discontinued in 1960; thus they’re extremely collectible in the Barbie collecting arena.

The other two discontinued outfits created in 1959 were called “Roman Holiday #968” and “Easter Parade, #971.” (Note that each Barbie outfit was given a series number. From 1959 to 1963, her first outfits were marked with a 900 series of numbers and a title. In 1964, Mattel added a 1600 series of numbers for Barbie’s outfits. Although these outfits weren’t first-runs, they can be just as valuable because fewer quantities were produced.



1959 Barbie “Roman Holiday” #968 complete outfit. Valued over $1,000. Source: Pinterest.com

(Note the red arrow pointing to a tiny brass make-up compact in the above photo.) The compact is only 3/8″ in diameter but is considered the “holy grail” for Barbie doll enthusiasts if you can find an original compact-not a replica. The compact has an engraved “B” on top; is hinged and even has a mirror inside. The compact alone can sell for over $500!


1959 Mattel Barbie doll “Easter Parade” #971 outfit with apple print sheath dress and black coat. Complete original sets selling for over $350. Source: Pinterest.com

Here are six additional vintage Barbie doll ensembles that are worth over $400 if found with the original accessories (complete), in excellent condition, and not a reproduction.

1-1966 Barbie “Shimmering Magic” #1664

1966-1967 Barbie “Shimmering magic” outfit #1664-Values over $800- complete sets. Source: Pinterest

2-Barbie 1972  “Hot Togs” #1063

Vintage 1972 Barbie “Hot Togs” Ensemble #1063-Selling for over $450. Source: Pinterest.com (Love the doggie!)

3-1964-1965 Barbie “Magnificence” Evening gown set #1646 and 1676

1965-1966 Barbie “Magnificence” 1646 & 1676. Values are over $400. Source: eBay

4-1964 Barbie “Poodle Parade” #1643

1965 Barbie doll “Poodle Parade” outfit #1643. Values are over $400. Source: eBay

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