‘Barney Miller’ Cast: Where Are They Now?


“Barney Miller” showed the gritty realism of police work in New York City in the 1970s, albeit with humor. Skits about the impending bankruptcy of the city, some of the futile criminal behavior (man stuck inside ductwork trying to burglarize a store), the mundane day in, day out existence of police officers with the occasional heart-pounding, adrenalin rush of excitement, and of course, what we in the profession called “the hair bags” – the old cops, forever full of stories, content to live in the past as Inspector Lugar exemplifies.

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To me, “Barney Miller” was a timeless slice of life and can be set in almost any locale and time period. The cast could not have been picked with anymore brilliance, and the production was seamless.


Although most of the cast has passed, “Barney Miller” remains a classic for the generations to come and will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Were you a “Barney Miller” fan? What was your favorite episode? And who was your favorite character?

What do you think?

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