A Woman Has Six Daughters and They Each Have a Brother. How Many Children Does She Have? | DoYouRemember?

A Woman Has Six Daughters and They Each Have a Brother. How Many Children Does She Have?


Start your morning trying to solve these riddles. If you can, see how many of your friends can solve these riddles too!

Solve Riddle #1:


Think very carefully before you scroll down!



Okay, first off you have to read this question carefully. Many people think 6= the daughters. 6= the brothers. 6 + 6 =12. In reality, the answer is 7. 6= the daughters the woman had. 1= the brother. All the daughters have a brother. This really doesn’t stimulate my brain at all.

Did you get it or did you scroll down to see the answer? Hm… let’s test your brains at the next one…

Riddle #2:

Think very carefully before you scroll down!


Okay, this was fun and maybe an easier one, none the less a great one. Can you get the next one?

Ohhh… get it now? Try your hand at the last riddle below!

Riddle #3:

See if you can guess this easy riddle? It is one of the most simple riddles, but you may have to think hard for a minute!

Can you guess the answer yet?


Did you get this one right? If you have any suggestions for new games please let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for new ones and sometimes our best games actually come from our amazing fans. If we use your game, we’ll make sure to credit you. Thanks for playing!

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