20 Out Of This World Facts Only Hardcore ‘Mork And Mindy’ Fans Will Know



8. You can visit Mork & Mindy’s house

The house they used for exterior shots in Mork & Mindy was an actual house in Boulder, Colorado at 1619 Pine Street. The inside scenes were filmed at Paramount studio, but the iconic house itself was real and Mindy even used it as her address in the show. 38 years later and that house is still standing! You can actually go visit it and right now, it is valued at $1.9 million!

McConnell’s Music Store was also a real place in Boulder at Pearl Street Mall but it is now an Athleta store.


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9.  The voice of Orson was in the classic Tootie pops commercial

While we never got to see Mork’s superior, if you listen closely, you should be able to recognize his voice! Ralph James voices Orson, the man who sent Mork to earth to observe human behavior and has done many voiceover works. One of his most popular roles was giving the voice to Mr. Turtle in the Tootsie Roll Pops commercial!

He also did Pink Panther cartoons and Looney Tunes!



10. Williams found out his show was canceled through Variety

Well, that’s awkward. After 4 seasons, Mork & Mindy was canceled in the summer of 1982. Robin Williams, however, wasn’t informed of the studio’s decision and said, “I found out the show was canceled by reading it in Variety.” The funny thing is that was the same media outlet that Dawber found out she was hired!

Williams explained after he read the article, “In Hollywood, that’s like reading your own obituary: ‘You’re dead, good luck!”


11. Season 5 would have been crazy

The producers didn’t know they were only going to do 4 seasons so a draft of what season 5 would have been like was made. In the final episode, Mindy and Mork were stranded in some prehistoric time after using a pair of time-traveling shoes so season 5 would have picked up from there. The script included the duo traveling through time to meet historical figures such as Ben Franklin and Abe Lincoln!

Season 5 ended up being discarded, probably because it was a little too weird.

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12. The show was briefly turned into a cartoon

After the show ended, a cartoon was created to bring back our favorite characters. The show itself was an hour-long cartoon on ABC called, Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour that ran from 1982-1983. The Saturday morning animated show featured Mork and Mindy as teenagers in high school, voiced by Dawber and Williams!


13. Williams and Dawber were reunited in The Crazy Ones

In 1983, Robin Williams and Pam Dawber parted ways and it would take 31 years for the pair to be reunited on TV! Williams was cast to star in a new TV show for CBS called, The Crazy Ones and although it only lasted one season, it was memorable for Mork & Mindy fans. In one episode, Dawber appears as a love interest to her old partner’s character, Simon Roberts!


The actress said that the role was “like slipping into an old shoe” and Williams replied, “Fits somewhat more loosely.”


14. Mork’s costume was on Star Trek

True Star Trek fans would recognize Mork’s spacesuit considering it first appeared on Star Trek: The Original Series. The red suit that Mork wears is literally the same one that Colonel Green wore in one of the final episodes of the show in 1969. It was probably still left at Paramount studios, which produced both shows!


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