Make-Up Artist Shows Incredible Before And After Pics As He Shaves Decades Off Clients With Clever Makeovers


Anar AagaKishiev is a 32-year-old talented make artist from his early age from Azerbaijan, he transforms old women into almost half their age by using his makeup. His expertise includes hiding wrinkles, under-eye bag discoloration and hiding several others signs of old age. He also worked with famous Azerbaijani famous singers such as Ruhi, Aygun Kazimova, Roya, Nigar Camal and many others. Here are some of the greatest example of his making older ladies appear younger.

Anar with one of the 80-year-old models

Anar Agakishiev

A second 80-year-old gets a softer makeover

Anar Agakishiev
Anar Agakishiev
Anar Agakishiev
Anar Agakishiev
Anar Agakishiev
Anar Agakishiev

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