Can You Solve these 3 Riddles?


We mentioned in our last riddle that there are actually 2 types of riddles, enigmas, and conundrums. We explained the enigma, now here is the definition of a conundrum: A conundrum is a question that opens either the question or the answer. Confusing right? Okay now on to our riddles, this time we have 3 riddles. Some may require you scratch your head a bit, but they are some of our most popular riddles, can you figure out the answers? Good luck

Riddle 1 of 3:


It’s not as simple as you thought, right?



And the answer is…

Watermelon – Explanation: A small white layer inside green. Its pulp is red. Lots of seed in that pulp.

Ready for the next riddle?

Riddle 2 of 3:

This one is a bit longer, think hard.

And the answer is…

This one was a little more complicated but very poetic. Last Riddle Below

Riddle 3 of 3:

This one is definitely going to make you think!

And the answer is…

Did you figure these out? We love riddles and these kept us guessing. If you have any riddles you think are fun and challenging please let us know below in the comments section. Our best riddles come from fans like you, thanks for playing!

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