This Tiny Houseboat Fulfills Your Dreams of Living By the Waterside

Wait Until You See The Inside!

We think tiny houses are really cute. But how many of us would actually leave the comforts of larger houses with more space and go the minimalist way? Not until it is something really extraordinary and one of it’s kind. Well, the wait is over as Harbor Cottage Households in Somerset, Kentucky brings before us a tiny houseboat!

This tiny house that fulfills your dream of living by the waterside is just a little over 400 square feet. Yet, it has two porches, two bedrooms and can house 6 people! Have a look at all the amazing facilities and amnesties this tiny home on water includes.

Jimmy Hamilton

If you decide to move in, there is nothing you’ll be missing from your previous kitchen. This floating home has got everything – range-top stove, double-door refrigerator, dishwasher, an island and microwave. It also boasts a washer and a dryer and flexible counterparts and cabinets to be sized per convenience.

Jimmy Hamilton

The master bedroom can accommodate a king sized bed. The guest bedroom on the lower level can contain a full or twin bed.

Jimmy Hamilton

Even though it’s a tiny house, the bathroom looks really spacious! With a bathtub and vanity, there is absolutely nothing it lacks.

Jimmy Hamilton

Two porches and a roof deck make sure your summers are the ultimate. Whether you decide to live permanently or rent during vacations, this tiny house has got your entertainment base covered.

Jimmy Hamilton

With tiny houseboats, you don’t have to worry about the waterfront land costs. You get to live luxuriously on water and at an affordable cost! What more could one ask? (I know, hidden treasures! Heres an article on some everyday treasures people have found.)

Check out this episode of Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV featuring the tiny houseboat.


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